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Learn how a California contractor used a digital whiteboard to streamline project schedules

Collaborative software allowed California Engineering Contractors’ field managers to give more direct input into plans.

Wahid Tadros knows how much goes into scheduling a construction job.

Tadros is the president of Pleasanton, California-based heavy construction firm California Engineering Contractors. The firm was founded in 1972 and handles a breadth of public works projects, including railroad construction, tunnel retrofit and rehabilitation and flood control structures. It has 45 salaried employees, and its craft labor force can fluctuate up to 200.

He’s intimately familiar with the hurdles of construction schedule creation — over the years, traditional tools that use Gantt charts for scheduling have often required hiring full-time experts or extensive consultation. But that creates another level of complexity between what that person creates offsite — often without understanding the project’s specifics — versus what’s happening at the job. 


“A dedicated scheduler is usually not as well versed in construction as a project manager or superintendent or estimator would be, yet we are forced to work with them because other software is hard to use,” Tadros said.

Instead, CEC chose to leverage collaborative scheduling and digital whiteboard software, which is more intuitive to use and can take inputs from stakeholders on site. 

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