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New Features: Work Hours, Text Widget Customization, and more

  • You now have the option to specify non-standard work hours. Please read this article for details

  • Text widget now has more customization options. You can have varying size text, with different color and styles. For details click here

Customize Text Widget
Customize Text Widget

  • You can now view all comments made across all projects in Comment Feed at home page level - For details on comments read this article

  • PDF printing improvements in gantt charts

  • Last page does not print duplicate rows

  • Project summary, start milestone and end milestone are not printed if filtered out

  • Milestones have date next to them in gantt charts

  • For details on printing gantt charts, click here

  • Long activity names on the canvas are shown as twice the height for better readability.

  • Organize UI enhancements

  • Ability to hide or show empty groups (groups with no activity)

  • In the table there is some extra spacing to make the layout better

  • For details on the organize UI and function, read here

  • Filters - When using custom tags, you now have option to specify multiple tags using the 'is any of' condition. For more information on filters click here

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