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New Features: More Colors, Insert/Dissolve and More

We're pleased to announce the rollout of our latest features. This release includes more color options, the ability to insert and dissolve elements, manual adjustment of Gantt order, and the option to view group duration based on calendar days.


More Colors: Explore a wider range of colors from subtle tones to bold hues, our expanded palette offers a large range of possibilities for customizing your activities.

Activity and Task Colors

Inserting and Dissolving Elements: This feature allows addition or removal of elements while preserving project network integrity. With the ability to insert elements before or after activities, and dissolve elements along with their connections, you gain flexibility in managing project structures.

Manual adjustment of Gantt order: Users can customize the sequence of activities, tasks, milestones, and groups within the Gantt view by clicking and dragging elements to desired positions. We believe this enhancement will provide greater flexibility in organizing project timelines.

Viewing group duration based on the calendar: Users can track project durations based on calendar days (7 days a week) or the project's default calendar. This functionality is easily accessible and can be modified directly from the canvas, table, and Gantt views.


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