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yet simple to use

Planera provides the power of sophisticated project scheduling software, yet is as easy to use as a Whiteboard or Excel.

Planera vision and mission
Who are we

Who we are

A group of software entrepreneurs and construction executives focused on modernizing construction software

Our Vision

Our Vision

Build a global software company to make construction industry more efficient & profitable

Our mission

Our Mission

Build beautiful, collaborative and intuitive software to reduce risk and save time during planning & execution phases of construction projects.

Meet the Team

Planera's founding team consists of seasoned entrepreneurs

and executives from software tech and construction industry 


We are backed by amazing investors

Ken Elefant
Sorenson Ventures

Ken Elefant joined Sorenson Capital in 2017 and leads the firm’s early-stage technology practice. Prior to Sorenson Capital, Ken spent more than 18 years in Silicon Valley at leading venture capital firms and over six years in operational roles at technology companies. He enjoys working closely with entrepreneurs to help them attack new market opportunities & gain access to key initial customers and partners. His efforts have led to recognition as one of the most connected names in tech.

Ken Elefant

Gokul Rajaram
Firebolt Ventures

Gokul is an active investor with over 125 startups in his portfolio. ​Early in his career, Gokul grew Google’s AdSense from zero to over $1 billion in revenues. He went on to found Chai Labs, an NLP company which was acquired by Facebook. Gokul then became Product Director for Ads at Facebook - scaling revenues from $0.75 billion to $6.5 billion - before joining Square, where he leads the delivery service Caviar.

Gokul Rajaram

Tom Case

Tom Case

Managing Principal of TCM Services

30+ years of construction experience

Chris Fassari

Chris Fassari

Former EVP, Shimmick Construction
Advisory Board Member, Anvil Builders

Joe Capriola

Joe Capriola

Silverado Construction

Avatar 3.png

Harley Paugh

Owner, LINC Professional

CPM Construction Scheduling Expert

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

Vice President at 
Keystone Structural Concrete, LLC

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