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Planera at Work: A Collection of Construction Case Studies

Explore how Planera is reshaping construction project scheduling, enhancing efficiency, and driving industry advancements.

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Boosting Efficiency and Precision in Construction Scheduling with Planera

Shimmick Construction, faced collaboration challenges and limited detail using traditional tools, leading to low-confidence estimates and inefficient resource loading. The adoption of Planera proved to be a game-changer, slashing scheduling time in half and boosting efficiency by 100%.

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How CEC Uses Planera to Optimize a very complex Folsom Dam Construction Plan

California Engineering Contractors (CEC) is one of the West Coast’s most reputable heavy construction contractors. The firm can count some of California’s most iconic structures including the Bay Bridge and Bay Area Rapid Transit System among its recent projects.

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How R&H Construction consistently produce 25% higher quality pre-construction schedules

R&H's use of Planera has broken traditional scheduling barriers, enabling better collaboration and precise bidding, along with effective risk management. Leading to a consistent 25% improvement in schedule quality, ensuring sound planning and robust schedule creation.

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