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Planera Whiteboard - A brand new way to build schedules

Engage in digital collaboration: Create a schedule, add comments, and collaborate with teammates in an intuitive visual environment.

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A Digital whiteboard

Planera provides a limitless canvas where you can create, connect and arrange various elements like activities, groups and milestones.

Each WBS or project level gets it's own new whiteboard to keep project activities and milestones organized.

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Teamwork made effortless with Real-Time Collaboration

Seamless collaboration enabled by real-time cursors visibility and commenting.

No need to ever press "save" and email files to each other. 

Communication Simplified

Say goodbye to emailing project files and PDFs to each other. Add comments directly to any activity, WBS group, or milestone, get instant replies and resolve issues without losing critical information.

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Drive Team Alignment & Foster Team Collaboration

Planera is so easy to use that the entire team can participate in creating, reviewing, and commenting on the schedule. Collaboration drives team alignment that creates the best possible schedule outcomes

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