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Construction CPM Scheduling that is Easy & Collaborative 

Collaborative digital whiteboard that creates a full CPM schedule to help you build, analyze and optimize plans to drive team alignment and increase profitability

yet simple to use

Powerful features like Critical Path, Floats, Constraints, Resource Loading, DCMA Quality Check, Risk Simulation... the works.

Simple to use like Excel and Whiteboard

Powerful yet simple project scheduling
Collaborative whiteboard based project scheduling

Get the entire

team involved

The entire team can collaborate and comment with each other to build the best possible project schedule.


It’s like using Google Docs or Sharepoint but for CPM scheduling.

Eliminate guesswork with resource loading

Create a project schedule effortlessly and load Labor and Equipment. See resource graphs to find spikes and gaps before submitting a bid & making a costly mistake.

Labor and Resource loaded project schedule


Powerful features of Oracle P6,
with the simplicity of Excel

Collaborate on Whiteboard

Entire team can work on the same project simultaneously like Google Docs

DCMA Quality Check

Improve project quality with integrated DCMA check. Check schedule scores, find problems, and fix them instantly to create the highest quality schedule possible. 

Resource Loading

Craft a loaded schedule with custom resources using a user-friendly interface, complete with interactive usage graphs and tables for deep analysis.

Progress Updates

Track the progress of each activity and milestone. Make monthly, weekly, or daily updates. Monitor project progress and keep all stakeholders informed. 

Version Compare

Effortlessly manage multiple project versions. Compare key elements like Gantt charts, dates, resources & DCMA Quality scores for thorough analysis

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Working Schedule

Take a slice of the master schedule and create a working schedule in 30 seconds or less.


Planera Customers Keep Great Company 

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“Planera helps us quickly create comprehensive and accurate project schedules. We decided to adopt Planera because it reduces the type of inaccuracies that led to lost bids or cost risks for the most valuable projects, which are often large and complex in nature."
Joe Henry

Joseph Henry

Shimmick Construction

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