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Working Schedule - Detailed Work Plan for Maximum Productivity & Efficiency

Master Schedule and Working Plans in one integrated platform creates unrivaled efficiency and provides real-time visibility to entire project team

Take a Slice of the
Master Schedule Instantly

Say goodbye to manual double data entry and schedule silos. With Planera, you can create lookahead plans in a matter of seconds. Your team can focus on creating a great plan instead of wasting time in laborious data entry.


Plan work collaboratively
with all trades

The entire team can collaborate and comment with each other to build the best possible project schedule.


It’s like using Google Docs or Sharepoint but for CPM scheduling.

Real-time visibility on Project Progress

Say goodbye to manual updates and endless communication. With Working Schedule, your master schedule gains instant visibility into every activity, eliminating the need for constant phone calls, spreadsheets, and emails.


Compatibility with
Leading Software Platforms

Experience the Planera efficiency regardless of how you maintain your master schedule, whether it's already in Planera or some other software like Oracle P6 or Microsoft Project.

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