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Multiple Project Versions to Eliminate Clutter and Mistakes

You have worked on creating a great project schedule and plan. As you get close to completing the estimate, your team comes up with a few different ideas on how you can level some resource spikes and eliminate delays.

Awesome 🤗! Now what?

Typically, you would make a copy of the schedule, change its file name and then start making changes to it. And then, you would do that a few times over until you pick the best path forward.

Then, repeat this step over and over again, and soon you have dozens of files floating around. What a mess 🤯.

There is a BETTER way. Introducing Project Collection with Versions.

You can create as many copies (versions) of a project schedule, give a name and description, and work on them as if they are separate files. Best part, all these versions stay neatly inside the Project Collection, and you can see the history (hierarchy) of each project version anyime.

Once you have created multiple versions, you can compare any 2 versions quickly in the Gantt chart section. You can learn more about version comparison here


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