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Scotland Foss Joins Planera as Company’s First Head of Sales

By: Nitin Bhandari, CEO and Co-founder of Planera

Planera Head of Sales
Scotland Foss

I am extremely honored to have Scotland Foss join the Planera team as our Head of Sales. Building a company in an industry valued at $12 trillion and with money being poured into ConTech platforms, I knew I needed someone with exceptional skill and expertise to help Planera reach its full potential. With over a decade of experience in sales and contributions to the growth of notable companies such as Autodesk Construction Cloud, Plangrid, and Scratchpad, Scotland is the best person to help accelerate Planera’s go-to-market strategy and get the platform in the hands of even more construction professionals.

In his previous position as Plangrid’s Sales Manager, Foss played a critical role in scaling the company from 0 to $100M in ARR before being acquired by Autodesk for almost $1B. Following the acquisition, Foss served as Autodesk’s District Manager before becoming Head of Sales for Scratchpad, a revenue team workspace that provides flawless sales execution, consistent process adherence, and accurate forecasting and insights.

Throughout his career, Foss has demonstrated a talent for leading sales teams characterized by unity and the ability to make a tremendous impact on customers. From our conversations, it is clear that he is enthusiastic about rejoining the construction industry and deeply admires the men and women building the infrastructure, schools, hospitals, data centers, bridges, and homes we all depend on.

In addition to his knowledge of the construction industry, his experience successfully leading sales teams and enthusiasm for driving positive business outcomes for customers makes him an extremely valuable asset to the company. In his new role, Foss will build the sales team, and help bring in new and diverse talent focused on positively impacting our customers’ business outcomes. He'll also travel to construction sites to meet with the professionals interacting with construction scheduling technology in order to better understand and meet the needs of our target customer base.

Foss has already exhibited a deep understanding of Planera’s mission: Providing the best-in-class digital whiteboard experience with capabilities such as Gantt charts, critical path analysis, and resource loading, yet is so straightforward that any construction professional can use it! Again, I am excited to

Welcome Scotland to the company, and I am confident he will play a huge part in the company’s continued growth.


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